• Creativity is part of our DNA!
  • we believe that technology and creativity are the most important fundamental values for digital advertising.
  • Technology will change advertising forever
  • We’r developing inovative high-tech digital advertising products to meet digital needs.
  • Increase your income with us.
  • Monitize your content with our high-tech ad products
About Us

Mediaworks was formulated by a love of invention and passion for creative advertising technology.

It's founded by a few good men who wanted to transform and improve digital advertising in 2012.

We are a full service digital technology company, based in Malta. Our main objective is to create new and innovative ad products and technologies to boost our customer's advertising performance and sales.

Advertising is not just to reach the right audience to the right place. Data, creativity, technology and engegement are our main assets in the digital advertising.

We are currently in Malta, Germany, Turkey, and USA, with huge hopes to go even further.

Our Services
  • Digital Ad Product
  • The landscape of web is evolving. Traditional ads are ignoring by the visitors and this rate is increasing day by day. it takes something truly inovative and useful to make people pay attention. Main objective of the Mediaworks is to develop innovative advertising products.
  • Programatic Solutions
  • “Programmatic” ad buying typically refers to the use of software to purchase digital advertising, as opposed to the traditional process that involves RFPs, human negotiations and manual insertion orders. It’s using machines to buy ads, basically
  • Marketing
  • Marketing is constantly changing, especially in the modern era of social media, automated ad tech and audience analytics. Brands need to stay on top of these changes to successfully reach their audiences. We specialize in creating multi-channel marketing campaigns.
  • Web & App Development
  • Building websites that serve brands, deliver great user experiences and convert customers takes thoughtfulness and knowhow. We know how.
  • Projects
  • Creativity is our most important value. We add value to the brand by producing special tailor made projects unlike the traditional advertisements.
  • Inventory Monetization
  • We are developing Monetization technologies for publishers
Our Clients & Partners
Central to our approach is the development of deep, reciprocal relationships with our partners and vendors. From advanced access to new capabilities to a deeper understanding of their platforms, we work hand-in-hand to maximize the potential of our partnerships.